How to get started with your Sitecore website

Few platforms possess the marketing capabilities that Sitecore offers, but with this brilliance comes complexity. When it comes to getting started with its marketing toolkit – unless you’re incredibly technical or have bundles of time to upskill – getting to grips with mapping your customer personas in Sitecore and delivering effective personalisation against them is no easy task.

Most people end up using Sitecore’s customer experience platform as an expensive content management system, never unleashing its true potential. A bit like splashing out on an iPad, only to use it as chopping board – missing out on all the brilliant features that give it that premium price tag.

That’s why we’ve created an Experience Platform Starter Kit; a step-by-step series of workshops broken into three easy sections to get you on your way to ultimate personalisation and stop the board from asking you, ‘what about all those amazing features you mentioned before we invested in this?’

In these workshops, we bring together key stakeholders within your business, and guide you through setting goals and bringing your objectives to life – in a structured, measureable way – to maximise the ROI already made in the platform.

Our Starter Kit is all about making the complex simple, and phases:

  • Consultancy: uncover customer profiles and patterns, set Sitecore goals and objectives and identify opportunities for personalisation.
  • Configuration support: configure these profiles, cards, patterns and personalisation components in Sitecore.
  • Ongoing optimisation: performance reviews, reporting, reassessing objectives and climbing the Sitecore digital marketing maturity ladder.

To find out more about our Experience Platform Starter Kit and how we can help you to get the most from your Sitecore platform, get in touch: email us at, or give us a call on 0845 365 4040.

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